A business relocation can undoubtedly be an exciting, positive experience, and an opportunity to reinvigorate your business and your staff. However, for the person responsible this may well prove a daunting task; a corporate relocation is inherently complicated and time consuming, and if not well-managed has the potential to damage your business. JLM’s experienced relocation consultants in London can help you avoid these mistakes, and save you money. By allowing us to take care of the details, you will:

  • Make a potentially risky process simple,
  • Minimise the time and resource needed to implement the business relocation
  • Ensure that your day-to-day business remains uninterrupted.

JLM’s Business Relocation Service Is The Only Resource You’ll Need. From initial research and feasibility assessment, through space planning and premises search to project and transition management, using our services will save you both time and money. Our relocation project management specialists bring 25 years experience into the heart of your team as temporary in-house experts. We help you smoothly and cost-effectively achieve your business relocation objectives, allowing you to focus on your strengths: running the business as usual. For a no-obligation conversation about your business relocation – call us on the number at the top of the page, or get us to call you back using the Request a Call Back form on the left-hand side of the page. The initial assessment will include an independent review of your current circumstances, your commitments, general market conditions, as well as straightforward advice and guidance on the risks and issues that can be avoided.